GT2 EVO Street

Porsche 911 GT2
EVO Street

Old price: 60,50 USD/ 50 €

Info: Very rare and looked for model with already a very high collecting tank value.
This model is often copied, by painting another EVO simply in white over.

You should pay attention to the following 11 characteristics, which shows you the original EVO Street:
  1. At each corner of the front hood, the handles (for the fast remove for the hood) are represented
  2. In the center of the hood, the fuel cell hatch is represented
  3. Under the hood, also important, the fuel cell connecting pieces with fuel cell (100 litres) has only the GT2 EVO Street
  4. This EVO Street has street tyres with profile , and no slicks
  5. There are only two models with white edge of the side windows at the doors, the GT2 EVO Street and the GT2 Daytona (GoodYear)
  6. A specially-broad driver's seat with large Recaro label in front and in the back, whose belt is fastened to auxiliary overroll bars
  7. It is a real belt, which has a distance to the seat, and is not painted up like on the other models
  8. The auxiliary overroll bars are unique only in the white EVO
  9. The rear window is unique and has also only the GT2 EVO Street. It is with a narrow black edge bordered and somewhat above more broadly
  10. The label "911 GT" at the tail may also not be missing naturally
  11. This EVO Street has also no roof antenna.

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