GT2 Oldsilver

Unique: Porsche 993 GT2 Oldsilver

Design by Peter Hocke, Airbrush & uniques

No color, only polished in one direction and electroplating.

    Other tuning:

  • GT2 street interior
  • Blackended rear windows and seats
  • Toned headlights and turn signals
  • Exhaust changed
  • Pedals silvered
  • Golden wheel nuts
  • Unique sign in the showcase

There is a disadvantage. It´s unpossible to do scratches on plastic parts, like scratches on metal. Electroplating is not useable. Also the brightness will not show like on metal. So the parts must be painted in silver.

Picture 01 outdoor

More Pictures:

Picture 02 outdoor
Picture 03 outdoor
Picture 04 outdoor
Picture 05 outdoor
Picture 06 indoor
Picture 07 indoor
Picture 08 indoor
Picture 09 indoor
Picture 10 indoor
Picture 11 indoor