GT2 EVO Gold

Unique: Porsche 993 GT2 EVO Gold

Design by Peter Hocke, Airbrush & uniques

24k Gold, coating through electroplating.

    Other tuning:

  • Metal rearwing
  • Unique alu rims HMS-9 with profile tyres
    • Modified rim and electroplated rim star
  • GT2 street interior
  • Blackended rear windows and seats
  • Toned turn signals
  • Exhaust changed
  • Pedals silvered
  • Unique sign in the showcase

There is a disadvantage.
You can not electroplating plastic parts, so all parts like spoiler must be painted in gold.
So this rearwing is now made of metal and belated electroplated. That´s a really unique one!!

Picture 01 outdoor

More Pictures:

Picture 02 outdoor
Picture 03 outdoor
Picture 04 outdoor
Picture 05 outdoor
Picture 06 indoor
Picture 07 indoor
Picture 08 indoor
Picture 09 indoor
Picture 10 indoor